About Us


     Meals For 2000 Dong is a non-profits organization shall raising money  and  helping to  paid for the meals for Colleges, Universities  students,  poverty  people's in a Country Republic of Viet Nam.


Our Mission

    Help raising funds for Vietnamese people, families, colleges student's from the metropolitan area that travel to populated city for education at local colleges and universities, and poverty people's that can't affort paid for the high price every day meals at  breakfast, lunch, dinner time. This funds will distributing to  a Com 2000 dong restaurant that already existed in Viet Nam to help extenting  the cost of daily lunch meals, to three meals. This fund will help easing the financial stress, burden of many colleges  student's, families  and  poverty people's in Viet Nam.


Our Goals

     Our goals is help easing colleges students, families, and unfortunate people's of Viet Nam with financial difficulty to extente from one  meal to three meals a day that is affordable, reasonable, and  each meal consist fried chicken, braised pork with eggs, braised fish, pork ribs and fried fish foods.

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