I shall Start a website for the people of our PLanet to donates, relief effort help our Citizen's of Viet Nam  get over the hurricane season, easing the burden of local government.

Hurricane Relief Organization Of Southeast Asia (H.R.O.S.E.A.)

Website is coming soon at Viet Nam


               Citizens Of Phu Yen Viet Nam need our help:  https://m.facebook.com/story_fbid=1145571275519953&id=263793770364379


Duong Bich Thao  DT: 093.5328. 787

To 11, Vinh Diem Thuong, Vinh Hiep, Nha Trang Tinh Khanh Hoa 

She Need 7 Sheets of To^n ( 11m x 6m  total 462 m4)

Her Home Roof Top To^n destroyed by Hurrican 

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